Why Popularity Doesn’t Matter in 2017 -Mental Model 018

Long Tail

The large number of products that sell in small quantities (niche products) can exceed the sales volume of a few best-selling products.


Long Tail Example:

The average Barnes & Noble carry 130,000 books. That sounds like a lot, but is actually quite limited when we consider the millions of books in the world. Instead of being limited by the physical space of a bookstore, the online retailer Amazon can list every single book in the world.


Amazon still sell the same 130,000 books as Barnes & Noble. In fact, they’re the most popular books and contribute around half of the book sales on Amazon. But the remaining 50% of books sold on Amazon doesn’t come from another 130,000 books… it comes from millions of books.



“Up until now, the focus has been on dozens of markets of millions, instead of millions of markets of dozens.” — Joe Kraus


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