I help you clarify your message and publish your insights. 

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Hey, I'm Tom. I write about finance and technology. 
Everyone judges you by the quality of your content. I help you make a great impression. 


Hey, I'm Tom. I write about finance and technology.
Everyone judges you by the quality of your content. I help you make a great impression.

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About me

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Hey, I'm Tom.


Unfortunately, I'm a far better marketer than investor. So here I am, helping banks and FinTech companies win new customers. While I'm not a legendary trader, I can still make you a great return.



Why? Frankly, most leaders in the financial industry are too smart. They know too much. Luckily, their Curse of Knowledge is my blessing.


How? I clarify your message so everyone can understand it. People trust you when they understand you.


What happens next? I help you quickly establish trust, reliably convert prospect, and successfully grow your company.


It's what I do. Initially, I graduated from Monash University with a Commerce degree, majoring in both Finance and Marketing.


Now, I have over a decade of experience in branding, copywriting, and SEO—working for banks, FinTechs and marketing agencies in Melbourne, Sydney, Zürich, London, Singapore, and New York. 





Process: How we work together

  • Step 1. Consultation

    We discuss your marketing targets and how my services will help you achieve them. We can take an online meeting, or if you’re in Melbourne we can meet at either your or my office.

  • Step 2. Proposal

    Based on your consultation, you will receive a proposal outlining the details of the project. All costs are listed in a ‘shopping list’ format—so you can select exactly what you need at a fair price.

  • Step 3. Schedule

    My work is usually scheduled two weeks in advance so the sooner we speak and agree on a proposal, the sooner I can begin supporting your marketing.

  • Step 4. Drafts and amendments

    You can request an unlimited number of amendments to ensure all work passes compliance and meets your own high standards.

  • Step 5. Final submission

    You own all rights to the work upon receipt of payment.

  • Step 6. Review

    Together, we review the project’s impact on your bottom line.


Let's talk

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