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Hey, I'm Tom.  If you have lots of great ideas, but lack the time to research, write, edit, and publish them
I can help.


Institutions I've helped


What they said



“Tom's writing is unique,

engaging, and backed by

research making it cohesive

and informative. Excellent



– Tyler McIntyre, Founder of Bank Novo




“Tom’s work builds trust and gets results.”


– Asaf Fybish, CEO of StartupStash




“Tom has been excellent to

work with. His knowledge

across FinTech mixed with

his engaging writing style for

the Her Economy audience

has been great and we will

gladly work with Tom in the

future and can highly

recommend him.”


– Ashlee Trout, Director of Her Economy


Industries I focus on

- Blockchain

- Capital Markets
- Crowdfunding


- Data and Analytics

- Infrastructure and Platforms
- InsurTech


- Investment Banking

- Lending
- Middle and Back Office


- NeoBank

- Payments and Digital
- Personal Finance Management


- RegTech

- Retail Banking
- Robo Investing


- Venture Capital

- WealthTech
- And more.


Who am I and what do I do?


Hey, I'm Tom Chanter. Most financial experts have so much knowledge they cannot simplify their message. I help them clarify their message so they can generate leads, convert prospects and retain customers.


I have over a decade of experience in branding, copywriting, and SEO—working for agencies and as a freelancer—so my combined skill set can help you find new opportunities and deliver results.


Initially, I graduated from Monash University with a Commerce degree, majoring in both Finance and Marketing. I have worked for finance organisations in Melbourne, Sydney, Zürich, London, Singapore, and New York. 


The problem with most copywriters

The problem with most copywriters is that they think their ‘creativity’ is important. It isn’t. 


Too much ‘creativity’ makes your messaging complicated and confusing. It’s why messages are ignored, leads are lost, and organisations fail to make the impact they should.


When writing draws attention to itself, it’s directing attention away from what actually matters—your organisation, your products and services, and your insights.

What makes me different?

I know how hard it is for financial institutions to clearly communicate sophisticated products and services to a mix of executives, regulators, and customers. My approach isn’t complicated or ‘creative’. I focus on three core principles.


1. Clarity

Everyone, from executives to technicians, is drawn to clarity and away from confusion. I use simple language to clearly communicate who you are and what you do—even if what you do is complicated. When companies communicate in plain English, their audience responds by engaging with their messages. 


2. Insights

Sharing compelling insights is important because nobody realises how much they need your product or service until you tell them in the right way. However, the downside of clarity is that if you don’t have anything compelling to say, then being clear will make that obvious. But if you have a remarkable product, a brilliant team, or incisive insights—your authority will stand out and you will effortlessly generate leads.


3. Trust

Together, clarity and insights build trust. It’s important to have the right mix. If you don’t explain who you are and what you do, your insights will lack credibility. And if you don’t share compelling insights, businesses won’t be compelled to seek your support. When the industry knows who you are, what you do, and why it matters; you connect with them and build trust. The company that does that best will make the biggest impact and win in the marketplace. If that sounds simple, it’s because it is. 


The philosophy of great copywriters is the same as great financiers. As John Pierpont Morgan stated; “No problem can be solved until it is reduced to some simple form. The changing of a vague difficulty into a specific, concrete form is a very essential element in thinking.” In financial copywriting, ‘creativity’ is noise. Simplicity is the signal. 

I understand and apply the three essential disciplines of a great financial copywriter. It’s what makes me different. And it’s how I can help you build trust and grow your organisation.


Could your communications be clearer?

Are you struggling to make a big impact?

Are your messages being ignored?


> Does branding, SEO, and content make your brain hurt?

> Is explaining what you do complicated?

Do you need more leads?

Is it time to refocus your website?

What can I help you with?

Annual reports


Blog posts


Case Studies


Customer or client letters


Editing and proofreading


Email campaigns


Information architecture


Resource articles

SEO audit, content, and analysis

Video script copywriting

Website copywriting

White papers

Process: How we work together

  • Step 1. Consultation

    We discuss your marketing targets and how my services will help you achieve them. We can take an online meeting, or if you’re in Melbourne we can meet at either your or my office.

  • Step 2. Proposal

    Based on your consultation, you will receive a proposal outlining the details of the project. All costs are listed in a ‘shopping list’ format—so you can select exactly what you need at a fair price.

  • Step 3. Schedule

    My work is usually scheduled two weeks in advance so the sooner we speak and agree on a proposal, the sooner I can begin supporting your marketing.

  • Step 4. Drafts and amendments

    You can request an unlimited number of amendments to ensure all work passes compliance and meets your own high standards.

  • Step 5. Final submission

    You own all rights to the work upon receipt of payment.

  • Step 6. Review

    Together, we review the project’s impact on your bottom line.


Let's talk

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